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The Evolution of Promotional T-Shirts in the Music Industry

The first printed T-shirt promoting an artist emerged on the music scene in 1956. According to the Elvis History Blog, it all started when Henry G. Saperstein approached Elvis Presley with a merchandising plan. Saperstein owned his own company, Special Products, Inc., and he created products for popular Hollywood productions like Lassie, Mickey Mouse, and The Lone Ranger. Saperstein analyzed…

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HISTORY OF COLOR FORECASTING Fashion color trends date back to the 1800s when French textile mills created fold out books with swatch color cards. These cards became an essential tool for the textile industry, and later became a popular method in North America. The color trends came from the Parisian couture houses which set the…

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Hello tote bags!

The single-use plastic bags became the primary bag used in stores in the 80s and were marketed as a cheaper and more durable bag compared to the paper bag. While they were a great success, the environmental impact of these bags was not anticipated. The plastic bag ban was introduced across Canada a few years…

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Best sellers 2019-2020

Introducing: “Friends of the Shop” Monthly Interview/Blog

We here at AI Merchandising have been involved in the music scene for many years. Weekly band practice (usually); song writing, recording and releasing albums; playing local shows to touring internationally, we’ve been through it all. Obviously t-shirts and other merch play a large role in the music industry, but we thought it might be…

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Playoff Season!

Spring is in the air and with it comes the NHL playoff season! Join us as we cheer on our hometown boys the Montreal Canadiens, as they work their way to the top 😉 Don’t forget, festival season is just around the corner so be ready for some fun. Here’s to better weather and good…

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Men’s Health Awareness/Movember

Men’s health is an important, although sometimes overlooked, part of our lives. A.I. Merch would like to pay special attention this month to help promote men’s health awareness and the Movember movement. More information on how to promote awareness and help support research can be found at: and  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer can impact all of our lives in one way or another, so we here at A.I. Merch would like to pay special attention this month to help promote breast cancer awareness. More information on how to promote awareness and help support research can be found at:  


We’ve had a busy summer here at AI Merch, but have enjoyed the past couple of weeks supporting team Canada at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. We’d like to congratulate all the athletes who participated in the Summer games 2016 for all their hard work and dedication and wish them luck and success in the…

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Spring 2016!

With warmer days fast approaching, we’re looking forward to opening up our warehouse doors and letting that warm spring air fill our lungs while we print the days away. Days off do become fewer and far between, but if you’re like us, you’ll make a point to free up your schedule and party hard the…

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